Sweet Brasil

Why Brazil?

A universe of great business fronts

There are many factors that make Brazil an attractive country for new business opportunities and an excellent trading partner: sustainable growth, social inclusion associated with income distribution, environmental health, solid institutions, stable democracy, investments in infrastructure and an industry in constant renewal. Seventh economy in the world in 2012, Brazil shall reach the fifth position in 2016, according to estimates of the International Monetary Fund, only after the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

A population of 193 million inhabitants, among which 90 million in the labour market; human capital with its roots in different cultures such as indigenous, Europeans, Africans and Asians, transforming ethnic diversity, creativity and joy in advantages that reflect in quality and innovative products and services. This rich national culture is reflected not only in work but also in arts, music, food, architecture, sports and popular festivities.

Friendly spirit and an open mind to everything that is new is a Brazilian "trademark" which attracts each year a larger number of tourists, eager to get in touch with this country’s natural beauties, and of business people excited about business possibilities.

With the World Cup of 2014 e the Olympic Games of 2016 happening in Brazil, people from all over the world will have the opportunity to get in touch with this country’s vast richness beyond football and carnival. With diversity and sustainability, Brazil is today a strategic country in the international scenario, with a universe of opportunities to be discovered.