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OSTINATO - Your worldwide service solution for grains, oils and feed Focused on business development, Ostinato was founded in 2007 by professionals with expertise in agribusiness. Initially created to sustain the continuous expansion of Brumau´s(*) global market, our main partner, Ostinato was strategically established in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Latin American business center. Throughout its history, Ostinato has built a solid and reliable partnership with other industries supported by a high skilled teamwork, offering personalized services in domestic and foreign markets. Our main goal is to fulfill our customers’ requirements by offering a broad selection of prime products and customized services. We deal with a wide range of peanut products (kernels and its by-products), nuts, dried fruits, oilseeds, vegetable oil and feed from highly qualified sources in the world. Today, we supply customers worldwide Based on solid knowledge Ostinato is your key provider for competitive solutions and new business opportunities. (*) Brazil’s leading peanut exporter BRUMAU Growing larger and stronger to meet customers’ demands in all parts of the world Strategically established in the Brazilian peanut main area in 1989, Brumau has grown steadily and successfully through continuous investment and innovation to become the largest peanut kernel and crude peanut oil exporter in the country, processing 1/3 of the Brazilian peanut crop. Our main products are peanut kernels (raw and blanched), peanut oil (crude and refined) and peanut meal that are processed and used as raw materials by other industries. Our 4 (four) plants are located in the state of Sao Paulo, in the cities of Catanduva, Taquaritinga, Rancharia and the newest one in Marília. Beginning with the careful selection of the seeds, Brumau directs part of its peanut production to origination. During this process, the seed goes through a rigorous quality control and it is kept stored in a protected environment before delivery to the contracted/ farmers. Additionally, Brumau offers a complete range of services to its growers, encompassing financial support, technical and operational assistances. (destacar na lamina) In order to provide customers with superior products, Brumau has taken a series of measures, including acquiring advanced equipment and implementing a rigorous supply chain quality control. Our groundnut manufacturing process is in accordance with the food safety management system FSSC 22000 certified by DNV GL Business Assurance B.V. and the exported products are endorsed by a third party lab, a FOSFA (The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd) member superintendent. Your reliable supplier when it comes to peanuts

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PEANUTS - Our products are carefully selected and certified Product description: The peanut is a legume crop, also known as groundnut, grown mainly for its edible seeds, classified as arachis hypogaea, originating in South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina). The runner peanut type was introduced in Brazil in 2002 and has been cultivated in the state of Sao Paulo. It is known for its uniform, medium-sized kernel, mainly used for exports and preferred by the industries of peanut candies, peanut butter and snack nuts. Nutritional benefits peanuts are an excellent source of biotin, copper, manganese, niacin, iron, molybdenum, folate, vitamin E, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and protein. Important information: All the products are carefully selected and endorsed by a third party lab, a FOSFA (The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd) member superintendent. The food safety management system complies with the FSSC 22000 certified by DNV GL Business Assurance B.V. . Product specification: • Type: Whole Raw and Blanched, Splits Raw and Blanched. • Packing: in bags of 25kg, 50kg and 1250kg or according to the customer ́s requirements. • Size: 38/42 cpo, 40/50 cpo, 50/60 cpo PEANUT OIL - Our healthiest oil carefully processed Product description: Crude Peanut oil, also known as crude groundnut oil, is a mild-tasting vegetable oil derived from peanuts. Sweet and flavorful, this edible oil is obtained from cold or hot pressing peanut kernels. The peanut oil has a high smoke point relative to many other cooking oils and a long shelf life. Its major component fatty acids are oleic, linoleic and palmitic acid. Nutritional benefits It is a naturally trans fat-free oil, cholesterol free and unsatura- ted fats, especially monounsaturated, like olive oil. It is also a source of antioxidant, vitamin E and phytosterols, Product specification: • Type: Crude peanut oil, refined peanut oil • Packing: in bulk, ISO tanks or flexitanks.

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