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Coplana Agroindustrial Cooperative was established in March 1963, at the time State of Sao Paulo was performing several social and economic changes. Based on the principles of cooperative mutual aid, development and sustainability, Coplana has accumulated achievements and opened new horizons for hundreds of growers. Since 1987, Coplana has stimulated peanuts production, such as: encouraging growers to cultivate peanuts, agricultural mechanization in the field, research into new varieties, and adding value to the final product. National leader in quality and quantity, Coplana provides high-level of raw material for industries in domestic and foreign market, consolidating the Brazilian peanuts as a world reference. Brazil is one of the countries that have greatest potential to spread the peanut cultivation. Nowadays, Coplana has about 160 peanut growers located especially in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais States (Southeast of Brazil). Coplana is a reference in the peanut international peanut market for by the raw material quality, productivity and sustainability. With one of the most modern industrial plant in the segment, processing technology and precision logistics, Coplana standards are present in all stages of the production chain: from seeds supply, agronomic consulting in the field to the final product delivery.

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Mani Crudo 38/42; 40/50; 50/60; 60/70; 70/80; 80/100; Partidos - Mani Blancheado 38/42; 40/50; 50/60; Partidos - Semi-Elaborados: Partidos y Granulados Tostados

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