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Much more than a business, a passion. It was for this purpose that the Turatti family began a dream: to manufacture and offer the taste of true chocolate. When watching a video about the chocolate history, where it was said that it was considered divine, came the idea of naming the company as Divine Chocolates. The high percentage of cocoa in our chocolates makes them more delicious, melting in the mouth. Huummm … In addition, are produced without hydrogenated fat, containing only cocoa in its composition. That's why it slowly melts in the mouth, ensuring the taste of true chocolate. All our line is gluten free and also have options without added sugars and zero% lactose. Our products are made with more cocoa, more flavor and more affection. Surprise yourself with the Divine chocolates.

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DIVIS LINE: Covered chocolate dragee filled with peanut or rice flakes, CHOCOLATE BARS LINE 20g and 100g: Dark 70% cocoa, dark 50% cocoa, milk 37% cocoa with rice flakes, white 30% cocoa with cookies, milk 37% cocoa with peanuts, Milk 37% cocoa with cashew nuts, Milk 37% cocoa with caramel. ZERO SUGAR and ZERO LACTOSE LINE: 50% cocoa covered chocolate dragee filled with rice flakes, 20g and 100g 50% cocoa bar, 47% cocoa bar with cashew nuts. PROFIT 100g BARS: 47% cocoa zero sugar with 7,5g protein, 50% cocoa zero sugar with 6,8g Protein. DIVINE PREMIUM LINE: 100g Chocolate bars; white 30% cocoa with cranberry, Milk 42% cocoa reduced in sugar, dark 70% cocoa with coconut sugar, dark 85% cocoa with cocoa nibs. DIVIS premium line: dark 70% cocoa covered chocolate dragee filled with rice flakes, covered chocolate dragee filled with Raisin. FOOD SERVICE: with same premium chocolate.

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