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Founded in 1991, nowadays Docile has a monthly production of 1.7 million Kg. Its portfolio includes more than 200 products from Jellies, Pressed Candies, Powder Drinks, Chewing Gum, Gelatine Candies and Marshmallows. Through a strenuous work for excellence, conquered markets and costumers, has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of candies in the country, has revolutionized the pressed candies market in Latin America and each season surprises and delights customers with new and differentiated products. The strength of the family tradition, of more than 75 years dedicated to the manufacture of candies, drove this growth trajectory and challanges. To achieve its goals, Docile bet in one of its core values: to continuously innovate, offering consumers quality and magic. The industrial plant, occupies a total area of 40,000m² in the city of Lajeado, located in south of Brazil, aligns itself to the most exigent standards of the food industry, as well as the unit located in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, province of Perambuco (Brazil), which improves the service in northeastern Brazil and international markets, opening new frontiers for the company. Certified by BSI Brazil with the ISO 9001 seal, Docile prioritizes continuous improvement of its processes and products. At the same time, adopts a sustainable approach, a company committed to the nature and quality of life. Doing well done all that is done is essential to Docile.

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Marshmallows, Gomitas de Gelatina, Gomitas de Almidón, Pastillas Chicles y Refrescos en polvo

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