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Sobre About Sobre عنHARALD IND. COM. DE ALIM. LTDA

Harald is a 100% Brazilian Chocolate Company, that has been in the market for over 34 years having the leadership in the Covertures segment in the domestic market. Its expertise is to supply ingredients solutions for other Food Industries, Catering, Bakery, Food Service, Retailer, Wholesaler and Homemade Markets, providing good products, easy to handling and process, in a competitive price. Nowadays, Harald sells 10 categories of products: Chocolate, Chocolate Compound, Inclusions and Decorations, Creams, Toppings and Fillings, Liquid Coating, Powders and Deserts totaling over 200 items. It exports to over 30 countries and has one of the most modern Chocolate Factory in Latin América.

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Chocolate gourmet, chocolate, cobertura de chocolate, granulados, mostacillas, cobertura liquida para helados crema, ganache, decoraciones chispitas de chocolate, polvos y productos a base de azúcar.

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