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Sobre About Sobre عنPECCIN S.A

Peccin company is located in the south of Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul state and the city is Erechim. The company is in the market since 1956, is a company is a very big experience and wants to give to the customers products with a very good and high quality and differentiated compared with the market. We are an innovative company and the most interesting for us the challenge of producing differentiated products from the competitors. We are present in more than 70 countries and we have a very big experience with export, in Brazil the products and the Peccin brand is very well recognized. We participate every years in the most famous confectionery events, like ISM, Gulfood, Sweets and Snacks, Anuga, Sial and Apas. To guarantee the quality of our products, we have the HACCP certification done by SGS. We are a HALAL company and producers of kosher products.

Produtos Products Productos المنتجات

Candies - chewy candies, chewy filled candies, chewy filled and coated candies, drops, hard candies filled with fruits and hard candies powder filled. Lollipops - flat lollipops heart shaped, foot shaped and hand shaped, round lollipops from 5g until 28g, chewy filled and bubblegum filled, with 30% of filling, mouth painter, fruit flavors. Bubble gum - bubble gum coated and liquid filled, with 16 different flavors, some of them with 2 or 3 flavors in the same bubble gum. Chocolates - the chocolates are with 38% of cocoa, wafer filled and coated with chocolate, different flavors and different shapes.

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