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Baianí Chocolates

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Founded in April 2018, Baianí Chocolates, a Tree to Bar brand, was created as a consequence of the need to test the quality improvement of beans from the Vale Potumuju, a cacao origin that belongs to the founders Tuta and Juliana Aquino. The pair's intention at the beginning was to export specialty cacao beans from their farm located in the municipality of Arataca in the northeastern state of Bahia – Brazil. While these tests confirmed the achieved higher quality of the beans, the passion for the alchemy of chocolate making was born and the brand is launched with 3 flavors in April 2018. Since then, Baianí has been growing at a fast pace and, despite the pandemic, investment in this expansion became necessary. “We were pleasantly surprised with the market receptiveness and decided to invest in a more ambitious project to raise the awareness of our quality and to take our chocolate to more consumers”, says Tuta Aquino, co-founder. The couple decided to start this project by reformulating the visual identity of the chocolate bars, their main product. This came as a necessity helping the brand showcase the uncompromised quality of the chocolates produced, which had been validated by the increasing sales both in Brazil and in the USA, and the awards received since its inception. A complete redesign of packaging and the launch of new flavors was planned for 2021. The already famous logo remains bu all new packaging was designed in both Portuguese and English versions, in accordance to legislations of both Brazil’s ANVISA and the FDA in the USA, to make sure the whole line could not only be sold to the Brazilian consumer but also be ready to be exported to the various world markets planned to be reached by the brand. The intention of showcasing the quality in Brazil’s cacao and chocolate was a guideline when deciding the new flavors of chocolate bars to be launched, all exclusively inspired by the Brazilian cuisine. Elements such as coffee husks, known as Cascara, Cachaça and Tapioca, are brought to the world of chocolate with different intensities and recipes with new refined expression of harmony between all ingredients. According to Juliana Aquino, the brand's co-founder and chocolate maker, the tests were exhaustive but the results are excellent. Baiani went from a line of 7 to 14 chocolate bars. Please rfer to our catalogue for more details. Tuta and Juliana want to continue to share the passion put into all of Baianí’s creations, made with their Single Origin cacao from Vale Potumuju. A commitment to quality, sustainability and preservation of the Mata Atlântica biome, one of the richest in the world. And while at it, bringing chocolate deliciousness to the world!

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