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Mestiço Chocolates

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We’re the 3rd generation of Cacao producers at Itacaré, Bahia. We grow cacao among the native trees of the Atlantic Rainforest, preserving the tradition of Cabruca Method. We strive at Fazenda Bonança to make it an even stronger reference of sustainable and fair production of fine flavor cacao. We harvest our different varieties of cacao separately, allowing us to create chocolates with unique traits, respecting the identity of each pod and its terroir. We bring the cacao beans to our Craft Factory in São Paulo, taking each process under our care, from defining the roasting profile to the final packaging presentation.

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We offer an rare concept of Varietal Chocolates on our dark bars, using 4 single varieties for each of them. We also have flavorized dark bars, with Sea Salt, Caramelized Nibs, Coffee and a very special Amburana Aged Cachaça. For our milk chocolates, we have a plant based one using Coconut Milk, and two high cacao percentage milk bars, with 59% and 45%. Our Whites are made using our own craft pressed Cacao Butter, which is almost exclusive to Mestiço. Finally we also offer high quality cacao nibs and our award winning Triple Cococnut bonbons.

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