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Brazilian companies present news at Yummex, Dubai


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A delegation of nine candy and chocolate industries from Brazil will participate in the 13th edition of Yummex Middle East, an international confectionery fair that will take place from October 29th to 31st, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The delegation presents its rich and varied portfolio at the fair, with releases in candies, caramels, chocolates and spreads – all with innovative flavours and formats, inspired by a rich variety and Brazilian tradition, confirmed in the vibrant and cheerful colours of the packaging. 


The Brasil Pavilion at Yummex is organized by the Brasil Sweets and Snacks project, a partnership between ABICAB (Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association), and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The companies CORY, DOCILE, EMBARÉ, HERSHEY DO BRASIL, NEUGEBAUER, NUCITA, PECCIN, RICLAN & SIMAS will attend in Dubai.


The product portfolio at the Brasil Pavilion in Dubai confirms the tradition of Brazil, which ranks 8th among the largest confectionery markets in the world and an expanding industry, with increasing exports since 2016. The expansion is the result of heavy investments in innovation, capacity increase and improvement of production processes made by Brazilian industries.   


The Brazilian confectionery industry has been present in the international market since the 70’s and our products are currently sold to 167 countries from January to August 2019. This privileged position has been built by investing in quality and offering products that follow international trends”, says Ubiracy Fonseca, President of ABICAB.


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The company presents the following launches to the fair assorted version of BALA DURA ENERGY (HARD CANDY ENERGY), which as its natural energy ingredient guarana, extracted from a fruit from the Amazon, which is produced in a sustainable way. Cory is present in different countries and this year has conquered new markets in Australia, Bolivia, Botswana, Zambia and Colombia. At Yummex, it looks for potential consumers in the Middle East and The Central region of Africa.



With a consolidated market presence, Docile makes five launches at Yummex. Among them, two that meet the demand for healthier or low calorie products: GELATIN WITH NATURAL FLAVOURS AND COLOURS (Gummy Bears, Fruit Mix and Gelatin Tubes), produced with 100% natural ingredients; MINTY SUGAR FREE GUM, with less calories and also suitable for diabetics.

Other novelties are the GREEK YOGHURT flavour of the REGALIZ line, straps and straws; JELLY CUBES, unique format, inspired by the Minecraft Video Game; ZOEY LINE GUM in acidic, freezing, spicy and effervescent flavours.

Docile exports its entire portfolio to mature markets, such as Europe and the United States, and is FSSC22000 certified which, among other guarantees, is traceability safety.



The traditional caramel maker brings innovations to the fair. Launches three new lines, STICK – CARAMEL in milk, chocolate milk, chocolate, chocolate with orange flavours; STICK – CHEWABLE CANDIES, strawberry, banana, pineapple and green apple flavours; and the SMALL RETAIL line of caramels in milk, milk chocolate, chocolate, and orange chocolate flavours in 42g bags each.

The company exports its caramels and chewy candies to the United States, among other countries, and has recently conquered new markets in Japan, South Africa and Bolivia. It holds sustainability certifications ISO22000 / ISO14001 / WCA.



The company launches in Dubai MAIS TRIPLO CHOCOLATE, a novelty of its wafers line, which brings chocolate in three layers: wafers, filling and topping. 



Specializing in hazelnut and chocolate spreads, the company makes five launches at Yummex, including:  NUCITA RED FRUITS AND CHOCOLATE, hazelnut and red berry chocolate spreads – Box with 24 Displays of 48 units of 10g; NUCITA NAPOLITANO, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and strawberry flavours spreads – Box with 24 Displays of 36 units of 15g and Box with 24 Displays of 48 units of 10g; NUCITA CRUNCH, chocolate paste with hazelnuts and rice flakes. The company exports to many countries and has recently conquered new markets in Africa and Central America, and is prepared to meet customers from the Middle East during the fair.



With investments of over R $ 35 million (about US $ 8.5 million) in new lines and a new distribution center, traditional Peccin presents three launches in the Trento chocolate line, considered a success story of the company:  TRENTO ALLEGRO, developed in a candy bar format, crispy wafer topped with 38% cocoa double chocolate and peanut butter, stuffed with a creamy peanut butter; TRENTO NERO, 55% cocoa double chocolate icing wafer with three choices of creamy fillings, DARK, original taste of dark chocolate, CHERRY AND ORANGE, with the addition of small pieces of orange; and MINI-TRENTO, the same flavours of traditional Trento presented in a bonbon shape.

The company exports to mature markets such as the United States and the European Union, Tri-Bala candies, chocolates, lollipops and chewing gum. It has recently gained new consumers in Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Morocco and Mongolia. It holds Halal and Kosher certifications and in Dubai wants to develop new markets in the Middle East.



With a consolidated presence in the confectionery market, Simas makes four launches at Yummex:  CHERRY POP ENERGY, 14 – gr raspberry-flavoured lollipop with chewy gum filling – contains no stimulating or energetic compound – and packs of 50 Uni / Ct; SUPER CHERRY POP ENERGY, 30 – gr raspberry flavoured lollipop with pineapple and chewy gum filling, also without stimulating or energetic compound – packs of 25 and 50 Uni / Ct; MINI LOVE POP, 4g heart-shaped flat lollipop in strawberry, cotton candy and mixed flavours (may contain strawberry, pineapple, lemon, orange and blue raspberry flavours) – packs of 50 Uni / Ct; SENSA SAMS ENERGY, 4.5g raspberry-flavoured candy with pineapple and chewy gum filling, without stimulating or energetic compound – packs of 100 Uni / Ct.

The company exports candies, lollipops and gums of different weights, colours and flavours to different countries and has recently conquered new markets in Africa. Seeks to open opportunities in the Middle East and Europe. It has BRC Food and Halal certification.





The company brings products that stand out from its portfolio to the fair. These include the ICEKISS chewing gum line and the LILITH Green Apple chewy candy.



The confectionery maker highlights at the show booth its milk, cookies’n’cream and peanut flavours from its MAIS line of wafers.



The company presents as highlights its brand portfolio increase, new packagings and flavours of the lines AMOR AMOR – Chewable Stuffed Lollipop, and BABOOM Lollipop.

Consolidated, the company exports its full line of chocolates to mature markets, such as the United States, and has recently gained new customers in Panama, Guinea, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Cuba. It has Halal, Kosher and FSSC 22000 certifications, with traceability. It is ready to serve new customers in the Middle East and Asian markets.



The traditional company highlights in its portfolio at the fair CARAMELO MY TOFFEE DIET ZERO LACTOSE, the first lactose-free diet milk caramel in Brazil; MY TOFFEE ZERO LACTOSE CARAMEL, Brazil’s first lactose-free caramel; and POCKET CANDY WITHOUT SUGAR, made with real coffee and now in its sugar-free version.

Riclan also highlights the strong growth of its exports in the last two years and the good prospects for 2019, which should close with an expansion of about 10% in its foreign sales. The company exports soft candies and jellies to mature markets such as the United States and the European Union. In addition to Halal certification, it also has HACCP and BRC, which ensures control of the entire production process, from the raw material. Seeks new markets between the Gulf and North African countries, as well as customers in East Asia.





At the company’s booth, milk caramels with typically Brazilian fruit flavours such as: cupuaçú, açaí, soursop and Brazilian cherry will be present.



Another company that highlights Brazilian flavours in two chocolates, one with watermelon flavor filling and another with banana flavor filling.



Among the company’s spreads at Yummex, NUCITA BRIGADEIRO, flavour of the typical Brazilian sweet, made with chocolate and coloured sprinkles – Box with 24 Displays of 48 units of 10g; and NUCITA BEIJINHO, a typical Brazilian sweet recipe with a flavour of dulce de leche with coconut – box with 24 displays of 48 units of 10g.



Peccin’s traditional wafers gain flavours from Brazil – TRENTO MARACUJA, with passion fruit filling, TRENTO MASSIMO PAÇOCA, with typical peanut jam filling, and CROCKROLL COCADA, with typical coconut candy filling.



The Brazilian flavour is also on the Simas shelf, including pineapple, guava and passion fruit candies; and pineapple lollipops.



ABOUT ABICAB – The Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association (ABICAB) was founded in 1957 and represents the national confectionery industry in public and private spheres in Brazil and abroad. The national confectionery industry represents $ 8.4 billion in retail value, employs more than 34,000 workers, is considered one of the major producers in the world and is widely recognized by the quality and safety of its products. ABICAB exists to develop, protect and promote the confectionery industry, aiming to stimulate a responsible consumption. Currently, ABICAB encompasses the Brazilian production chain, representing 93% of the chocolate market, 92% of the candy and confections market and 63% of the peanut market. www.brasilsns.org.br/


ABOUT THE BRASIL SWEETS AND SNACKS PROJECT – The Brasil Sweets and Snacks Project has been developed with the aim of strengthening and promoting the sector, being one of ABICAB’s main activities. Created in partnership with Apex-Brasil in March 1998 with the aim of promoting Brazilian products at the international level, it currently supports 52 companies that export to more than 140 countries. www.brasilsns.org.br/

ABOUT APEX-BRASIL  The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. Apex-Brasil organizes several initiatives aiming to promote Brazilian exports abroad. The Agency´s efforts comprise trade and prospective missions, business rounds, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international trade fairs, arrangement of technical visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, and other select activities designed to strengthen the country’s branding abroad. Apex-Brasil also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to Brazil, by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in Brazil. www.apexbrasil.com.br/en/home


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