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In five years, Brazilian exports of sweets, candies and snacks grew by more than 32%


Brazilian companies bet on portfolio diversity to keep up the pace and ensure good business at ISM 2020 – Brasil Pavilion, Hall 3.1


Brazilian confectionery exports have increased more than 32% since 2015 and have reached US$429.6 million from January to October 2019. Record sales at Yummex fair, in Dubai, at the end of October confirm the industry’s good performance, and Brazilian companies arrive upbeat at ISM 2020, the snack and candy fair, which will be held in Cologne, on February 2-5. 


The Brazilian delegation at ISM is made up of 21 confectionery and biscuit companies – Bauducco, Berbau, Cacau Show, Cory, Divine, Dori, Embare, Fhom, Francfort, Garoto, Hershey’s do Brasil, Jazam, Marilan, M. Dias Branco, Montevergine, Neugebauer, Peccin, Santa Edwiges, Simas, Soberana and Toffano. They exhibit at the Brasil Pavilion, Hall 3.1, organized by ABICAB (Brazilian Chocolates, Peanuts and Candies Manufacturers Association) and ABIMAPI (Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuit, Pasta and Industrialized Bread & Cakes), with support from Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).


“The group of companies present their rich and varied portfolio at the fair, with new releases of candies, caramels and chocolates, in innovative flavours and formats, inspired by the rich Brazilian diversity and tradition, reinforced by strong investments in recent years. This is the combination that has ensured our exports’ exceptional performance,” says Ubiracy Fonseca, ABICAB’s president.  


Highlights at the Brazilian companies’ stands include healthier versions of new and traditional products, and the adapted flavours of typical sweets and ingredients from Brazil.







New to exports, Cacau Show is a manufacturer of craft chocolates with more than 2,200 points of sale in Brazil and one of the best-selling brands in the country. Craft-prepared, Cacau Show chocolates have high added value with an aim at the gift segment, designed to convey values of affection.

For its debut at ISM, the company highlights the La Creme line, its biggest sales success in Brazil. Prepared with a high milk content recipe, La Creme chocolate line has high creaminess and long shelf life. The chocolates come in different versions for gifting, eating individually or for children.  La Creme 100g is among the company’s bestsellers for being an option for individual consumption or for sharing.




A consolidated presence in local and international markets, with 50 years of history, the confectionery and biscuit maker Cory launches at the fair:

Chewable Soft Drops – softer than the traditional drops, innovative formulation and flavours for chewable, mint and spearmint.



With a portfolio that includes award-winning products in international competitions, Divine launches at ISM: 

Healthy, 62% Cocoa Organic Chocolate, in 40g bars, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Healthy is designed to bring more nutritional benefits and is made of selected organic ingredients from sustainable production farms that protect the environment and promote social responsibility. The packaging is uniquely designed and is made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ) certified recycled material.



The company debuts at ISM with its tapioca biscuit topped with açaí, one of Brazil’s super fruits. This biscuits line is gluten free and includes chocolate, strawberry and coconut topped versions. Another Fhom launch at the fair are the sweet potato chips.



The traditional chocolate maker launches 11 items at ISM, including a new line addressing the US consumer. These are the following:

New Serenata de Amor – gets a new formula and is now creamier, with more cashew nut flavour. 

Yellow Box – the well-known box of chocolates has new additions, the very Brazilian Goiabada (typical guava sweet) and the Talento Dark + Salty Caramel mini tablet. They join the traditional flavours of nuts and fruits in the box: Coconut, Cashew Nuts, Banana, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Filling, White Chocolate, Peanut and Cookies. There are 17 chocolates in 15 different varieties.

Lemon Filled Talento – new member of the Talento line, it is made with white chocolate and creamy lemon and cookie filling.

The Jumbos Garoto family gets three new flavours: Garoto Churros Bar, made with new Gold chocolate (milk chocolate + white chocolate) and churros flavour cereal; Garoto Peanut Bar, a combination of Garoto milk chocolate with roasted peanuts; and Garoto POP bar with the surprising combination of milk chocolate + roasted, salty corn.

Baton® Buttons – A new format of the brand that is a best-seller within children’s chocolates in Brazil. To keep up with the sharing trend, the new Baton® Buttons consist of white and milk chocolate “buttons”, in 32g packages. 

In the brand portfolio there are already Baton® Extramilk (which has milk as its main ingredient), and Baton® Bar in the flavours Milk, White, Duo and Strawberry Cream.

USA Flavours – the company developed an exclusive Yellow Box mix for the North American market: Banana Candy Bar – a chocolate and banana flavoured bar, 28g. Garoto Coconut Bar – Garoto Milk Chocolate + Fresh Coconut, 90g. Garoto Peanut + Salted Caramel Bar – Garoto Milk Chocolate + Peanut + Salted Caramel, 90g. Garoto Roasted, Salted Corn Bar – Garoto Milk Chocolate + Roasted, Salted Corn, 90g. Garoto Peanut + Salted Caramel Bar – Garoto Milk Chocolate + Peanut + Salted Caramel, 90g.



The company will have its debut at ISM, and will present its traditional portfolio and flavours developed for the Brazilian consumer, combining versions of typical Brazilian sweets. They include:

Hershey’s Crunchers – crispy flakes with chocolate, in peanut or red berry flavours, 120g;

Hershey’s Bites – chocolate balls in the flavours milk chocolate or cookies and cream, 120g; 

Hershey’s MAIS – 18 mini wafers filled and covered with chocolate in the triple chocolate, traditional milk, cookies and cream and peanut flavours, 115g. The packaging becomes a puzzle.

Hershey’s Go – chocolate bar; paçoca (typical Brazilian sweet made with peanuts) or brigadeiro (typical Brazilian sweet made with chocolate and condensed milk), 25g;

Hershey’s Bars – Hershey’s chocolate bars in milk chocolate, cookies, white chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies’n cream, cookies’n chocolate and extra creamy peanut flavours.

Hershey’s Dark – Special Dark chocolate bars in traditional, coffee, orange, caramel, mint, cranberry and aerated flavours;

Iô-Iô crem duo in white chocolate and hazelnut cream flavours 

Iô-Iô crem with sticks – in duo and only hazelnut cream flavours 

Hershey’s cereal – cereal bars in cookies and cream, banana and chocolate, Brigadeiro (typical Brazilian sweet made of chocolate and condensed milk) and cookies and chocolate flavours.



The candy maker launches at ISM the Croc Churros, a churros flavour bar filled with dulce de leche, 9gr. The bar is crispy and light, has 42 calories as it is roasted and not fried like the traditional churros. It is also gluten free, since it is made from rice flour.

Jazam´s launching focuses on consumers in the Americas and Africa.



Founded more than 60 years ago, Peccin has consistently increased its chocolate exports, and for the past three years, its foreign sales of the Trento line have doubled annually. At ISM, it completes yet another stage of the international debut of the latest products in the line.

Trento Allegro – the new product has been in development for three years, and it is the first CandyBar in the family, a crispy wafer topped with double layer 38% cocoa chocolate and peanut pieces, filled with a creamy peanut butter, 35g bars, display with 16 units.

Trento Nero – crispy wafer covered in 55% cocoa chocolate with three choices of creamy fillings, dark chocolate flavour, cherry and orange, which has small pieces of orange, 32g bars, display with 16 units. 

Mini-Trento, the same flavours of the traditional Trento, with 38% cocoa or 55% cocoa, in a 16g format, display with 20 units.

The launches reinforce the traditional chocolate line Trento 32g, 16-unit display, a wafer filled with various flavours and 38% cocoa; chocolate Trento Crepe 14g, 16-unit display, 38% cocoa-covered chocolate wafer, chocolate or hazelnut flavours; 

The new products meet demand in the United States and Canada, where Peccin already exports to, and other premium markets. Trento’s sales are currently concentrated in South America and Africa.

At the booth, Peccin also offers its entire line of chocolates, chewable candies, filled chewable candies, chewing gum and lollipops.



The traditional confectionery maker launches candies and lollipops that have been in development for over a year. 

Honey with Ginger Flow-pack – natural ginger candy and natural-honey filling, intended for teens and adults.   

Cherry Pop Energy – complements the Cherry Pop 14g lollipop line, a best-selling product in Brazil. The new lollipop in raspberry and pineapple flavour, like the rest of the line, contains no energetic ingredients; it comes in 14g and 30g, in packs of 25 and 50 units. 

Energy Flow-pack – Energy flavoured candy (raspberry-pineapple), with gum filling and no stimulants.



The company has exported its candies since 2002 and invests in research and innovation to keep up with latest trends. At ISM, it launches: 

Coated bubble gum – developed to meet the demand by young audiences, the new bubble gum is the result of two and a half years of research and investment in a new manufacturing line. It is being sold in two presentations, display and tubes with 06 units and 420g packages, where the gum is individually wrapped.

The company also highlights in its booth hard, chewable and filled candies, and lollipops. Their flavours are diverse and follow the prevailing trends in this segment: strawberry, cherry, raspberry, pineapple, grape, lemon, green apple, tutti-frutti, chocolate, dulce de leche, among others.

Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America are the company’s main markets and, to meet their profile, it develops products with striking and intense flavuors and a sweetness consecrated in these regions.






With a consolidated presence in markets in North, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, Berbau highlights at ISM the filled candies Delícia and Gran Luxo and the lollipops Megalito, 20g, two of its most successful products in Brazil and abroad in recent years. 

In the Delícia line, the 8g candies, made from condensed milk filled with condensed milk, coconut, chocolate and cashew nut. The candies come in packs from 80g to 1.1kg in individual flavours or assorted with 4 flavours. 

Delicia also has a chocolate-filled mint candy version – Delícia Mint with Chocolate, in packs of 250g and 600g. 

In the Gran Luxo line, 8g candies made with condensed milk and fruit filling: grape, strawberry, pineapple and orange. The candies come in packs from 80g to 1.1kg, assorted with 4 flavours.

The Megalito line of 20g lollipops is among its best-selling products and is one of its highlights at ISM. With chewable filling, Megalito comes in 500g packs with individual flavours (cherry, strawberry and tutti-frutti) and 1 kg with assorted flavours, Assorted Megalito (cherry, tutti-frutti, strawberry and grape).

Berbau’s best sellers also include Megalito Yogurt Assorted, in yogurt and banana, yogurt and blackberry and yogurt and strawberry flavours; Megalito Blue and Black Tongue Dye, in the tutti-frutti and strawberry flavours; and Megalito Cookies & Cream, in vanilla and cookies flavour.




The confectionery and biscuit maker brings its broad portfolio to the fair, highlighting the most successful products in the Brazilian market. They include:

Sour Yogurt Chewable Drops – a drop-shaped chewable candy in sour yogurt flavour, in 525g packs. 

Chewable Drops – in 525g packs, in strawberry, grape, yogurt and lime flavours

Icekiss Hard Candy – In extra-strong, strawberry, eucalyptus, mint, tutti-frutti, sweet strawberry, assorted, and Temptation melon flavours, in 600g packs:

Hard candy with gum filling – in 600g packs in mint, tutti-frutti, strawberry, grape, Energy Guarana and assortment flavours.

Hard Drops – in extra-strong, strawberry, mint, mix, Melon Temptation, Strawberry Temptation, Cherry Temptation and Orange Temptation flavors, in 525g packs.

Chewable candy – in 600g packs, in strawberry, grape, mandarin, watermelon, yogurt, and assorted flavours.

Sour Hard drops – in strawberry, grape and lime flavors, in 525g packs.

Lilith Candies – in green apple and raspberry flavours.

Covered cookie (honey bread) – in chocolate, brigadeiro (typical Brazilian sweet made of chocolate and condensed milk) and white chocolate flavours, 90g packs.

Stick covered cookie – in chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and brigadeiro flavours, 90g.

Chocolate Sticks – 23g x 20 packs, 65g and 169g.



The company has been exporting its products for over 25 years and is currently present in 55 countries. Its portfolio includes chewable candies, hard and filled candies, hard and filled lollipops, chewable lollipops, starch jellies, gelatin gummies, jellybeans, licorice, chocolate lentils, salted/crispy/sweet peanuts.

Among its best-selling products abroad are chewable lollipops with temporary tattoos. Dori’s wide range includes assorted fruit flavours, use of artificial colours and in packs of 20g to 5kg. All BRC certified.



A traditional manufacturer of milk caramels and chewable candies, Embaré has been exporting its products since 1975 and is present in over 40 countries. All its products are made with fresh milk and artificial colours. In its portfolio, products with 40 different flavours, in varied formats of 4.2g, 5.5g, 6.6g and 8g.



Founded in 2004, Francfort Trade is an international food trader that brings to ISM peanuts, used in chocolates, cookies, breads and sweets. At its stand it will offer, Brazilian Peanut Runner caliber 38/42 with skin and without skin (blanched) and split Brazilian Peanut Runner without skin (blanched band). This variety is adapted to the climate and terrain conditions of Brazil’s producing region and is recognized for its high oleic content, which ensures long shelf life. 

Sustainably produced, ISO certified, the peanuts offered by Francfort meets European Union requirements: no pesticides are used in production, non-GMO and Aflatoxin and Haloxyfop indices are measured to meet the required parameters. 

Francfort sells 15% of Brazil´s total peanut exports, with sales to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. 



A veteran of more than 25 years in the international market, Montevergine highlights at its ISM stand, its new line of nougat bars, filled wafers and sugar-free snacks. 

Peanut nougat, Cashew Nut nougat and Cocoa and Honey nougat – 10g, 17g, 45g, 70g and 90g bars, in display or packets.

Torrone Sport– a bar that combines peanuts with natural flavours, cranberry, coconut and cocoa nibs.

Tub In – line of strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut and other filled wafer tubes that can be served with desserts and at parties.

Pick Nick Zero Sugar – Banana, raisin, peanuts and crisps coated in sugar-free chocolate designed to meet the demand for healthy products.  




The company highlights at its stand, Mini Love Pop lollipop – 4g flat lollipop, in strawberry, mix and cotton candy flavours. Also, on display, its extensive portfolio of candies, lollipops, caramels, chewing gums in original and traditional Simas’ flavuors. 





ABOUT ABICAB – The Brazilian Chocolate, Peanut and Candies Manufacturers Association (ABICAB) was founded in 1957 and represents the national confectionery industry in public and private spheres in Brazil. The national confectionery industry represents R$ 26,4 billion in retail value and employs more than 42,000 workers. The Association, which currently represents 93% of the chocolate market, 92% of the candy and confections market and 62% of the peanut market, has aims to develop, protect and promote the confectionery associated industry, stimulating actions to foster internal and external market in these sectors, as well as responsible consumption of products.  The Brasil Sweets and Snacks Project has been developed with the aim of strengthening and promoting the sector, being one of ABICAB’s main activities. Created in partnership with Apex-Brasil in March 1998 with the aim of promoting Brazilian products at the international level, it currently supports 54 companies that export to more than 140 countries. www.brasilsns.org.br 


ABOUT ABIMAPI – Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads and Cakes – is one of the largest bodies of its kind in Brazil with around 100 member companies holding 75% of the national turnover and more than 100 thousand direct jobs. In Brazil alone, the members of the Association account for a third of the national wheat flour consumption. Its mission is to strengthen and consolidate the biscuit, pasta, industrialized bread and cake categories in the Brazilian and International Markets. In partnership with Apex-Brasil, develops a sector-focused project named Brazilian Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes, being active for 15 years and currently has 50 Brazilian companies that annually export USD 175 million and 100.000 tons to over 80 countries on the five continents. www.abimapi.com.br/?lang=en


ABOUT APEX-BRASIL  The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. Apex-Brasil organizes several initiatives aiming to promote Brazilian exports abroad. The Agency´s efforts comprise trade and prospective missions, business rounds, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international trade fairs, arrangement of technical visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, and other select activities designed to strengthen the country’s branding abroad. Apex-Brasil also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to Brazil, by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in Brazil. www.apexbrasil.com.br/en/home


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