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A world of opportunities to be unveiled
fruits like guarana, acerola, cupuaçu, and others, associated with Brazilian specialties as cashew nuts and Brazil nuts. They are distinctive products with added value and a wide variety bringing in its essence the diversity and vibration of a people marked by the creativity, joy and passion present in everything they do.

The Brazilian confectionery industry represents a market of approximately US$ 26,4 billion in 2018, according to Euromonitor, with strong potential for expansion – in 2020. The local supply of quality raw materials such as sugar, cocoa and corn, offered by Brazilian agriculture, guarantee the raw materials required for expansion.

Brazilian confectionery products can be found in more than 160 countries on five continents. Sector’s exports in 2018 were US$ 676.9 million and have a huge potential for expansion, supported by a differentiated and quality production. Present in major international fairs of the confectionery sector, the over 50 exporting companies under the Brasil Sweets and Snacks brand, unveil to the international market a broad range of products with excellence with the colours, tastes and cultural richness expressed from North to South of the country.
In the DNA of the Brasil Sweets and Snacks brand is the commitment to maintain investments in enhancement of production technology processes, modernization of industries, focusing on research and innovation in order to offer to international markets premium products that ensure health, convenience, pleasure and sustainability. Functional and nutraceuticals, for instance, count on a constantly growing offer and new products such as candies with supplements as gelatine candy enriched with vitamins and minerals and many others are available.
In the DNA of Brasil Sweets and Snacks brand is, above all, the excitement of producing the best with dedication and joy – an uplifting energy that makes the difference in the differentiated production of Brazilian confectionery & peanuts industry.